Pierre Bélanger, Partner
and art director, director of photography, Webmaster, computer technician, carpenter, electrician, plumber, handyman, and dad

Pierre is a fervent explorer of contemporary design who favours graphic simplicity and relevance over the latest fad. With a solid twenty years’ experience, he offers unified and targeted brand image, graphic design, and photography services to architects, designers, manufacturers, business people, and others in the field. His strong analytic faculty and insatiable curiosity drive him to seek out the latest technologies and trends.

After earning a diploma in architectural technology in 1986, Pierre launched his career with the prestigious Daoust Lestage architecture and urban design firm, where he was project manager and art director for the office’s presentation, promotion, and communications tools.

In 1998, Pierre started his own graphic design firm, L’Atelier Image-In. He merged his firm with Juliette Communication in 2005 to form volume2, where he and his team have designed and produced more than thirty corporate brand images and developed signatures, logos, ads, commercials, symbols, brochures, and Web sites for design and architecture firms.

Pierre has received a number of business-development grants. He is a member of the Fondation CLU and the Société des designers graphiques du Québec (SDGQ), and he became a certified graphic designer (DGA) in 2012. Aside from his professional responsibilities, Pierre does volunteer work within the field. Invited as a “guru” to the fifth edition of the event 13 Gurus + Me, he was also a member of the 2012 jury for the Lorne C. Perry Award.

Pierre likes: wine, his Bonneville T100, photography, and vegetables...but just a little
Julie Payette, Partner
and chief of everything

Julie’s entire career has been devoted to promoting architectural and design talents. In 1987, she hired on as a researcher and stylist for the magazines Les idées de ma maison and Décormag, where she stayed for ten years. In 1992, however, her entrepreneurial spirit and passion led her to launch a parallel career promoting Montreal designers, starting with a breathtaking project for Jean-Pierre Viau.

In 1994, she founded Juliette Communication and created a specialty that was new in Quebec: press relations for architects and designers. She then set out to convince these professionals, who were not in the habit of promoting themselves in the media, of the relevance of her service. A determined pioneer, Julie built an international network of contacts in the specialized press. From 1999 to 2008, she designed and organized tours of projects for international journalists attending SIDIM. In 2001, she was responsible for internal and external communications for the Caisse de dépôt during construction of its new building.

Julie stepped up to a new level in 2005, when Juliette Communication partnered with L’Atelier Image-in to form volume2. Today, with the same pleasure and renewed conviction, Julie continues to serve all of her clients, both small and large.

Julie likes: her dog Angie, running and cycling, visiting Robert, yoga, and vegetables
Anne-Sophie Gauclin, Project manager, local and international press relations
and lead media explorer

Pragmatic, organized, and meticulous, Anne-Sophie has become the go-to person for the specialized press in the architecture and design fields. She helped to bring the v2com presswire into the world.

Anne-Sophie moved to Quebec in 2007, and she discovered volume2 a few months later, during a visit to Portes Ouvertes Design Montréal. There was a mutual attraction, and she joined the team soon after.

Anne-Sophie formulates specific strategies for each client and highlights their projects’ strong points by offering topics adapted to targeted media outlets. She also makes suggestions and responds in a personal, creative way to the requests of journalists seeking information on a variety of subjects.

Her personal interest in innovation, design, photography, and sustainable development is a perfect match for the projects that she promotes, and her passion is contagious. With her open and curious spirit, she is always looking for new media throughout the world in order to provide constantly improving services to her clients.

Anne-Sophie likes: outdoor sports, music, photography, dark chocolate, the sound of the sea, and her baby’s laughter
EQUIPE VOLUME2, Caroline Simard - Chargée de projets, Relations publiques et partenariats, et la « miss PR » du milieu
Caroline Simard, Project manager, public relations and partnerships
and “Ms. PR”

Caroline is a born communicator. Her ability to quickly, effectively, and easily weave social relations is constantly pushing her to a higher level of analyzing and building distinct connections with every encounter. She is also completely at ease in the virtual sphere. Passionate about social networks, she has created a wide range of special contacts in the major Montreal media in her role as a PR agent.

A new arrival at volume2, Caroline brings twenty years of multidisciplinary experience in communications, event organization, marketing, and project management.

From 2002 to 2012, Caroline was director of communications for the Nuits d'Afrique International Festival, helping to strengthen the brand image and visibility of one of the five biggest cultural events in Montreal.

Drawn to the riches of the artistic and cultural world, Caroline can be found at most launches and events in Montreal.

Caroline likes: music, the circus, theatre, trips around the world, turquoise, Jean Leloup, and knowing what other people like!
Louna Payette-Brisson, Director of production and development for v2com
and queen of cocktail parties

Aware of everything that happens at volume2, Louna has been the office’s eyes and ears, and even its voice of reason, for the last four years. She also watches, just as conscientiously, over the agency’s identity. Her wide-ranging interests led her to take a minor in environmental geography at the Université de Montréal as she studied psychology and marketing; she has also received intensive training in Web ergonomics.

Methodical and perfectionist, Louna makes sure that every element is in place to ensure the success of the agency’s mandates. She keeps up to date on new international projects and produces press reviews and analyses of associated media spin-offs.

Louna isn’t satisfied with just a good result. She’s logical and competitive, and she aims for excellence. She initiates the distribution process by creating press kits that highlight the project concerned, making it clear, coherent, and attractive. The marketing impact is always what counts. Development of the v2com newswire is now her bailiwick: she finds ideas and develops tools to facilitate comprehension and use of the site.

Louna likes: pasta, motorcycles, hiking,
and animals
EQUIPE VOLUME2, Camille Morcrette - Agent affilié, satellite francophone de volume2 et v2com et la Sherlock Holmes de l'architecture
Camille Morcrette, Affiliate agent
and French satellite of volume2 and v2com, the Sherlock Holmes of architecture

In 2012, as a young graduate of the French national architecture school in Marseille, Camille decided to get some experience abroad by moving to Montreal for a year. With various internships in architecture agencies under her belt, she found a sense of accomplishment in joining the volume2 and v2com team. And this move contributed to her decision to take her life in a new direction: when she returned to France, it was the beginning of a long-distance collaboration.

Intrigued by space-time, Camille makes it her mission to reveal the wealth of architectural and urban culture in order to bring the architect’s role in contemporary society into the public eye: how can an alternative to conformity be highlighted? She has more than means at her disposal, as she writes, photographs, draws, and tells architectural stories as Hitchcockian mysteries.

An excellent headhunter, Camille discovers and promotes new talents. Listening, advising, and providing constructive criticism are the assets that she brings to the relationship of trust that she build with each of her clients. When she puts together customized press kits, ready-to-wear architecture becomes haute couture.

Camille likes: Peter Zumthor and Jacques Lucan, cheese, watching fashion shows, and occasionally making wood models
EQUIPE VOLUME2, Fanny Roy - Designer graphique et la force tranquille du design
Fanny Roy, Graphic designer
and the quiet pillar of design strength

Since a young age, Fanny has been stimulated by creativity and shown a natural talent for the language of art. A Jill-of-all-trades, she studied science and visual arts simultaneously at CÉGEP Marie-Victorin, as well as taking design technique courses, through which she developed expertise in graphic and interactive design. She quickly realized that graphic arts combines all of her interests in terms of conceptualization and earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2013.

In 2012, her playful yet systematic approach, juxtaposed with her skills in publishing and illustration, earned her the grand prize for students for her book Édouard le Géant Beaupré at the 14th edition of the Prix Lux awarded by the magazine Infopresse.

A motivated professional, Fanny joined the volume2 team in 2012 and has developed communications tools for clients who fall within her fields of activity, which include branding, advertising, publishing, and the Web.

Fanny likes: music, chats, the St-Michel flea market, and films from the 1980s and 1990s
EQUIPE VOLUME2, Léa Vinson - Responsable ventes et marketing v2com Et chaton officiel
Léa Vinson, Manager, sales and marketing, v2com
and official Kitten

With many aspirations but not certain which direction to take, Léa decided to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications at UQAM. What luck! She loved it, and marketing strategy and sales have now been part of her daily life for four years. To continue her education, Léa is presently pursuing a graduate diploma in management at HEC Montréal.

Dynamic and open-minded, Léa adapts to various clienteles to understand their respective goals and needs so she can create the best visibility possible for them on v2com. During her three years of professional experience at Infopresse, she worked with countless communications, marketing, and design professionals in Quebec and took a number of specialized courses.

Léa describes herself as a marketing girl against an undeniable backdrop of “psychologist-social worker.” Her approach goes beyond just signing contracts, because her clients’ satisfaction is the essence of what motivates and excites her. She closely monitors the promotion of projects on v2com to make sure that their visibility grows both locally and internationally. Always attentive to her clients, Léa takes the time with each of them to make sure that they receive pleasant, customized service.

Léa likes: her friends, Oreo ice cream, kickboxing, and ESPECIALLY Ryan Gosling
EQUIPE VOLUME2, Angie, Pro du vélo et thérapeuthe du département ouest
Cycling pro and therapist from the western department

Whether it’s running, cycling, or driving, Angie enthusiastically accompanies her masters to the office, in order to ... sleep, cuddle, play with her toy, sometimes bark at the mail carrier, and ... sleep again. Her simple presence calms and motivates the people around her, thus increasing their efficiency.

Angie likes: chicken, pebbles, playing in the yard and saying morning grace!