A new visual identity by volume2 for the AFFLECK de la RIVA architectural firm

Montréal, November 30 2011 – AFFLECK de la RIVA is a firm that stands out for its modern-influenced projects in which form and function take precedence over trends. This formed the guideline for the redesign. The combination of two iconic modernist geometric typefaces (Futura and ITC Avant Garde Gothic) form the basis of the logotype, remastered into a unique image. volume2 also cut the old link of the plus sign (+) in the nomenclature so that “de la” becomes the transition between the names of the two partners.

About volume2
Since its foundation in 2005, volume2 has offered integrated graphic design and public relations services in the architecture, design, and lifestyle fields. The firm has produced graphic design for the Web sites of the engineering firm Pasquin Saint-Jean, Daoust Lestage Inc., and Commissaires; the visual identity and Web site for architectural firms Affleck de la Riva and ACDF architecture; the logo for Kollectif; and all of the promotional tools for Wetstyle.

Art Director: Pierre Bélanger
Graphic Designer: Billie-Anne Racine
Assistant Graphic Designer: Claudie Grenier-Côté

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